northwood Public School

We create an innovative and supportive environment that prepares students for future success.

420 Trojan Road

Northwood, ND 58267

(701) 587-5221/ fax (701) 587-5423

Northwood Public School building has been closed indefinitely, and distance learning has started.



The school will provide a cold breakfast and a warm lunch for any student who wants one for the week. If you signed up for breakfast/lunch these services will continue unless you contact the school to cancel. The breakfast and lunch is FREE OF CHARGE for all students and/or children from ages 1-18.

If you would like to be added to the list please call school or contact Kim Johnson. Her contact information is and her cell number is 218-779-4589. If you text, please attach your name and number of meals needed.

If you can pick up the meals, that would be great, but if you need delivery please state that in your email or text. We have a city route and two rural routes. The pickup will be daily at 11:00 am - noon. This will be done in the front entrance of the school. You will get your lunch for that day and the next day's breakfast.

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