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Justin Foss

Introduction:  Hope the school year is going great for everyone.  It is fast and furious.  I have been teaching in the Northwood school system since 2002 and have been traveling back and forth between here and the Hatton school system.  I'm in Northwood periods 1-4 and travel to Hatton for periods 5-7.  
    I have a undergrad and masters degree in Technology Education from Valley City State University.  The classes I teach are Exploring Technology, Invention and Innovation, Technological Design, Foundations of Technology and Construction Systems.  The curriculum is based from Engineering by Design (EbD) from the International Technology Education and Engineering Association (ITEEA).  It is a standards based, problem solving curriculum that the state of ND has adopted.
    On a personal note, I have been married to Tracy for 20 years and have 3 children.  Austin, who is a freshman at NDSU, Neil, a sophomore at Hatton and Kennedy, a 6th grader at Hatton.  I enjoy sports, the outdoors and tinkering on our farm.  
Mr. Foss' schedule


Period 1 8:30-9:20 Construction Systems

Period 2 9:23-10:13 Technological Design

Period 3 10:16-11:06 Exploring Technology, 1st                 
                            Semester and Invention 
                            and Innovation, 2nd 

Period 4 11:09-11:59 Prep 

*Drive to Hatton and teach

Period 5 12:23-1:13 Foundation of Tech.

Period 6 1:16-2:06 Technological Design

Period 7 2:09-3:00 AD

CLT 3:00-3:30

Justin Foss,
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Justin Foss,
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