Web Design

Welcome to the Web Design Web page here you will find the course Syllabus, course links, links to student created web sites.

Student Websites

Cody's Derby Car Stripping

by Cody Rasmussen

La Dolce Vita

by Courtney Douglas

Many Groovy Movies

by Sady Kjorven

Minnesota Pro Sports

by Justin Morris

Music World

by Madison Robinson

Rock to Nu Metal

by Brandon Larson

Strands of Gold

by Justice Hannestad

The Baddest

by Katrina Amundson

The Hunger Games Blog

by Amanda Selke

Thunder Robotics Team 876

by Cianna Leschied

The Vintage Vows

by Miki Lloyd


by Caleb Cox

Wake Boarding 101

by Jordan Johnson

YA Book Reviews

by Janessa Hensrud

Wedding Prep With Kenz

by Mackenzie Schwartz