Elementary Keyboarding

Welcome to the Elementary Keyboarding Web Page!!!

Here at Northwood Public School we are working to make sure that all of our students are proficient using computers. We promote the use of technology in a safe yet free to explore environment. On this page you will see examples of what we are working on and also website that are used to help educate our students.

K-2nd Grade
Kindergarten through 2nd graders this year will learn a basic introduction to use computers. We will cover the following topics:
  • Basic Operations--Turning on the computer, logging in and out, and using the mouse and keyboard
  • Internet--Safety and parts of browser
  • Word--Opening a document,using drawing features and saving documents
  • Typing--Basic knowledge of keyboard and where keys are located
3rd-5th Grade
3rd grade through 5th grade will work on improving skills learned in lower grades.
  • Computer Operations--Saving on the server, advanced mouse and keyboard features
  • Internet--Safety, Storing data on cloud and researching
  • Word--Formatting, Copying and Pasting, Proof reading documents
  • Typing--Working on correct typing technique 
6th Grade
6th graders will be working on mastery of typing and becoming more comfortable using Windows and Office applications.