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Mrs. Pederson

Accelerated Reader
We will have an AR challenge at the end of September.  Students should be reading and testing on books at their level!!

Another successful Grandparents' Day!!

Sept 5-8
Social Studies: We are reviewing map skills, including latitude, longitude, and using scales.

Spelling 4, 5 and 6: Students will always have their Proof It! page due on Friday.  This week it is page 6.  Our pretest is taken the first day of the week and returned to students the second day to practice for Friday's test.  If you'd like a list of words each week, please e-mail me.

Reading 4: We are getting used to routine in fourth grade!  We have started reading the novel Holes.  Kids love this story about a boy sent to 'Camp Green Lake'...

Reading 5: We are finishing reading Hundred Dresses and working on skills such as context clues, fluency, and we shared a choral reading with the kindergarten groups! 

Reading 6: Sixth graders are reading the novel Crash.  It's a great story about a bully that finally learns his lessons and befriends the classmate he's always picked on.
  Language Arts:  We are starting out by reviewing subjects, predicates, and types of sentences.  The 'Language Arts help' link below is a great site to practice parts of speech!

Cool Science on the TODAY show!  http://www.today.com/series/best-thing-today/coolest-guest-ever-leaves-today-gang-impressed-awe-stitches-t46851
You can look for Nick Uhas on youtube to see more! 


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