Marilyn Hoge

 Elementary Counseling Corner         

  •                My duties consist of classroom guidance, group counseling, and individual counseling.  I am in each classroom once a week.   My curriculum consists of many different areas including:  Character education, bullying prevention, friendship, conflict resolution, career education, and study skills, along with other topics.
                  Small groups are added as needed.  I have had many friendship groups, groups for children dealing with divorce, and behavior modification.  
                 Individually, I meet with students for a variety of reasons.  Students can request to see me, teachers refer students, or parents can request that I talk to their child.  If you would like me to meet with your child, please contact me.

    Marilyn Hoge
    Elementary Guidance Counselor
    Hatton and Northwood Schools
    587-5221 (Northwood)

    Here is a link to a video about Character that I have been showing to 4th graders.  It was made by a school in Alaska.

    Link to my blog, Mrs. Hoge's Counseling Corner

    Here are some of the projects students are working on through the counseling department.  Just click on them to find out more about it and to see pictures and videos of the students.

Career Education

5th and 6th grade Careers

  Students have been researching careers they might be interested in.  Here are links to those sites:

Careership                  RU Ready ND

SMILE (Students Making Individual Lives Easier)