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Dear Parent or Guardian, 

Fentanyl related deaths in the Red River Valley had been the headlines far too many times this past year.  The Northwood School is not aware of any fentanyl usage in our school. We will strive to keep it that way, and we cannot be successful without parent and community support and involvement.  We will work in conjunction with the Northwood police department to educate and inform.    

The following information provided by the Grand Forks Public Health Department is intended to help inform you about the extreme dangers of illicit Fentanyl, a lethal synthetic drug impacting our community, your children, and is resulting in overdoses and death. 

This is not an issue that is targeting certain socioeconomic classes; it is being abused by a wide range of youth and is easily obtained. We are working diligently to raise awareness, but feel parents are on the front line to educate and protect children from this dangerous and deadly drug. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid, a highly potent pain medication that is 80-100 times stronger than Morphine. An amount of Fentanyl equivalent to three grains of salt (2 milligrams or less) can kill you. Fentanyl can be in a liquid form, patch, pill/capsule or the most common among youth, a powder form that is produced illicitly and sold illegally. Fentanyl is purchased on the Internet and a network referred to as the “darknet”, allowing for the purchase of illegal substances for use and distribution. Fentanyl can be smoked, injected, swallowed or extracted from the transdermal patches. Paraphernalia commonly associated with use includes tin foil squares and rolls, syringes, pen tubes and small baggies. Fentanyl is lethal in very small quantities and is absorbed through the skin or can be ingested due to airborne particles. If you come in contact with Fentanyl, do not touch it and call police immediately. 

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