The 6 Pillars of Character

Our elementary students have been learning about the 6 Pillars of Character. 

To learn more about the 6 pillars, go to the Josephson Institute site.

Each month, students will be studying one of the pillars.

September:  Overview of 6 Pillars
October:  Responsibility
November: Respect 
December:  Caring
January:  Citizenship
February:  Fairness
March:  Trustworthiness

Six Pillars Posters

    Instead of just having posters with other students showing their character, students at Northwood and Hatton showed their character for me and made posters for display in our hallways. We used an app on our I-pads called Motivational.  We have made a few of them poster size and others are page size.  Take a look around the halls for them!  Here are the posters the students created. 

Character Ed Posters

Character Education Videos

Thunder Character!