About NPS

Picture of Northwood School from the front with the mission statement, RESPECT

420 Trojan Road
Northwood, ND 58267
(701) 587-5221

Elementary School Hours 8:30-3:30
High School Hours 8:25-3:30

420 Trojan Rd

The Northwood Public School District does not advocate, permit, nor practice discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or handicap in the educational programs or activities which it operates.

Nondiscrimination Coordinators: The Northwood School Board designates Mr. Azure-Secondary Principal and Mrs. Strand-Elementary Principal as the Title IX and Nondiscrimination Coordinators. They can be contacted at: Northwood Public School, 420 Trojan Road, Northwood ND, 58267. Phone number: 587-5221.